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Rite Kit Auto-Emojify

Returns text of the post with emoji added

Rite Kit Emoji Suggestions

Returns list of emoji suggestions for a given text of the post

Rite Kit Animate Image

Returns URL of an animated GIF.

Rite Kit Company Logo

Returns a company logo based on website domain. If the logo is not in our database yet, it will be extracted from the site on the fly. White logo background is automatically removed to make the logo look better on color backgrounds.

Rite Kit Text to Image

Returns URL of an image created from text according to given style parameters

Rite Kit Influencers for a Hashtag

Returns list of Twitter influencers for a given hashtag

Rite Kit List of CTAs

Returns list of available CTA for current user. Requires each user to authenticate with RiteKit

Rite Kit Shorten Link

Returns a shorten link with a given CTA.

Rite Kit Trending Hashtags

Returns list of hashtags currently trending on Twitter

Rite Kit Auto-Hashtag

Returns auto-hashtagged text of the post.

Rite Kit Hashtag Suggestions

Returns list of hashtag suggestions and their real-time stats for a given topic

Rite Kit Hashtag History

Returns historical stats for a given hashtag from the last 30 days

Rite Kit Hashtag Stats

Returns real-time stats for up to 100 hashtags (updated hourly).

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